A Brief Guide To Nevada Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is defined as a failure of a medical professional to provide a high quality health care. These instances are connected to a failure to treat the patient's illness according to proper procedure, diagnose the illness correctly, or providing the incorrect medication to the patient. Birth-related injuries included in these probabilities.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

All personal injury cases, including medical malpractice in Nevada must be filed within the two-year period following the injuries. However, the exception to this statute is if the injury is a birth-related injury or if a child sustained a brain injury. In these instances, the parent has a ten-year window to file a claim. This allows doctors to evaluate the child's development and determine how the injury has affected them. Parents of children who sustained birth-related injuries should contact attorneys today.

Evaluating Limitations On Damages

The economic damages in which a victim could receive are capped at $350,000 per plaintiff. This includes all financial losses associated with the injury. Among these losses are wages, medical expenses, funeral costs, and future earnings. This applies to all medical malpractice cases in addition to those in which the victim lost a limb, were disfigured, or suffered a loss of consortium.

However, any case in which an act of malice is identified affords the victim with punitive damages. These awards are capped at $300,000 per victim. Essentially, these damages are awarded as a form of punishment for medical professionals who commit criminal acts during treatment.

Acts of Malice

The medical malpractice lawsuit is conducted in civil court; however, if the state warrants the need for criminal charges, the doctor could face associated penalties. This requires the state to identify the reason in which the doctor acted out of malice. If there is a history of romantic involvement between the doctor and the patient, this could warrant an assault charge based on the injury.

If the doctor committed a medical malpractice due to discriminatory practices, it is possible that they could face charges for a hate crime. This is after the state determines that the injuries were intentional and meant to cause harm to the patient. Under these circumstances, these attorneys could help the victim by acquiring a protection order to prevent retaliation by the doctor.

Medical malpractice victims must hire a personal injury lawyer las vegas quickly. This affords them an adequate amount of time to build a case against the medical professional. Victims of acts of malice are protected under criminal laws. These circumstances could warrant an order of protection. To file a claim today, contact your preferred lawyer now.